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Bright horizontal image of classic white kitchen, with marble island

Marble worktops

The right marble worktop can make all the difference. At Antiquity Marble & Granite, our stunning range and highly competitive prices means you don’t have to miss out. Give us a call for a free quote. Based in Doncaster, we welcome clients from across Nottingham, York and Harrogate.

Kitchen marble bench close up with black hanging pendant and vase

Experience the majesty of marble

Nothing can match marble when it comes to character. It’s charm has been found in luxury homes around the world for hundreds of years and there’s good reason. The flawless finish can transform a property, and it’s naturally cool surface making it perfect for food preparation. At Antiquity Marble & Granite, our team in Doncaster can help you add value to your home with a stunning new set of made to measure worktops which can help you fall in love with the heart of your home.

A general view of a modern fitted grey kitchen dining area with white walls, sky light win

The natural stone you need

Marble looks absolutely stunning, but what makes it such a good material to work with? For a start, it has all the strength and resistance to scratching, cracking and heat you’d expect from natural stone, but it doesn’t stop there. Marble is actually slightly softer than granite, which means that it much easier to incorporate more creative design elements such as edging during the fabrication process. Durable yet decorative, it’s perfect if you want a worktop that’s a little bit different.

Modern kitchen interior design in white with marble counter

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Your new marble worktops are only a phone call away
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