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Modern white kitchen with kitchen island and stools illuminated at night

Porcelain worktops

At Antiquity Marble & Granite, we’ve been helping homeowners and trade clients Manchester, Nottingham and Rotherham pick porcelain worktops for more than 40 years. Contact our team in Doncaster today and let us help you, pick yours.

A general view of a modern fitted grey kitchen with large island, breakfast bar

What makes porcelain so perfect?

It’s a high quality material with a timeless aesthetic, which means its sleek design seamlessly blends into any space. Commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms, porcelain worktops have made a massive comeback recently with people looking for a stylish, functional finish. Made from a mix of quartz, clay and feldspar, it’s available in a wide range of colours, shades and finishes. Porcelain is a lot lighter than other types of stone and can be cut into virtually any size or shape for truly incredible interior designs.

A general view of a modern fitted grey kitchen dining area with white walls, sky light win

For a durable, flawless finish

The manufacturing process means porcelain has fantastic heat resistance and is virtually impervious to water, with an absorption rate of around 0.5%. This non porous material offers fantastic stain resistance and won’t fade or discolour in direct sunlight. Porcelain also has one of the lowest carbon footprints, so if you’re looking for a stunning finish while doing your part for the planet, it could be the ideal worktop for you. Ask Antiquity for a free quote.

Modern kitchen interior design in white with wooden finish

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Ask Antiquity Marble & Granite about porcelain worktops.
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